VobcoCharts is HTML5 stock charting library written in TypeScript which generates pure JavaScript code. It offering highly interactive and easy to use charts for Your web site. Since it is device, platform and browser independent it works on all modern devices and browsers including the iPhone/iPad and Internet Explorer from version 9. It doesn’t require client side plugins nor server side components.

Smart labels

Smart labeling algorithms analyze selected range and always show optimal number of labels at each axis.

Performance comparisson

Performance comparisson allows comparing percent changes of value series such as stock prices and index values since the starting time point.

Various chart types

VobcoCharts library supports various kinds of time-based chart types. OHLC, Bar, Candlestick, Line and Area chart types may be combined to show data series.

Useful tools

Crosshair tool helps locate data under the mouse pointer while customizable tooltip and value higlighter helps read corresponding values. User can also draw custom trend lines to help detect price trends.

Multiple panels

The library supports multiple vertically aligned time-based panels. There is one common timescale axis and each panel has its own value axis. Library creates and removes panels automatically, without chart reload, as technical indicators are added/removed. Whole chart is vertically resizable as well as each panels height.

Scrolling and range selection

With fully interactive chart, scrolling and range selection is more visual process. There is special navigator panel at the chart bottom that displays the full data range. Scrolling is enabled by dragging the mouse anywhere inside chart area or by dragging the navigator selection. Mouse wheel and smart device multi-touch are fully suported.

Technical indicators

  • Simple moving average
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Moving Average Envelopes
  • MACD
  • MACD Histogram
  • Bollinger bands
  • Williams %R
  • RSI
  • ADX
  • Average True Range
  • Momentum
  • TRIX
  • Fast Stohastic Oscilator
  • Slow Stohastic Oscilator

Multiple instaces

Library supports one or more instance(s) on a single page.

Intraday chart

Various time frames are supported, including intraday data.

Chart export

With simple server-side support a chart image snapshot may be taken.

Full-screen mode

Show your chart in full-screen mode to see more details and get closer look at data. Full-screen mode is especially usable at mobile devices.

Real-time data

VobcoCharts provides full feature set for creating real-time charts. The library allows adding, inserting, updating and removing data points. All operations run fast and smart and don’t require chart reloading.

Customizable toolbar

Customizable toolbar gives you access to common chart features and tasks using a click of the mouse. It includes auto-complete ticker search, indicator add and edit buttons, time period combo box, comparisson, trend line, image export and full screen buttons.

Fully configurable localization

Translation to any language and custom localization of number, time and date format apperiance is allowed to suit the regional, language and culture settings.