VobcoCharts work in any modern browser that support canvas element and javascript. Almost every pc, mobile phone, tablet, even smart tv is able to run VobcoCharts. VobcoCharts also does not use any 3rd party libraries.
Yes, with version 2.0 you can use as many instances of VobcoCharts in one HTML site as you wish.
Yes! It's really easy to translate Vobcocharts. You can implement your own translator, or you can write definitions by simply editing current english translation including this script to your HTML document and set language to english in library settings.
VobcoCharts is a highly customizable, you can change almost every aspect of it. It has more then 200 customizable parameters and with dependency injection system, it's even possible to completelly rewrite most of the components like tooltip, toolbar...
Minimum is date and close, for OHLC/candlestick you also need open, high and low. You can also define volume and draw it optionally.
VobcoCharts is written in typescript which compile itself to pure javascript.
Yes, Vobcocharts support intraday chart.
Yes, VobcoCharts can be used to show currencies. Almost every of default indicators can be used as well.
Yes, autowidth is enabled by default and VobcoCharts use maximum of given space. It also tracks resize event and automatically adjust width so that always looks good on any screen size without horizontal scrollbar.
You can always contact us and if technical indicator is interesting we will gladly implement it to VobcoCharts. Any developer can also add another technical indicator just folowing this instructions.